The C-B-A method to Happiness..

January 17, 2019


Working with clients, friends and family members all over the world, there is one method that seems to always get best results. It has helped people get out of sadness, sickness, financial difficulties, relationship woes and many other challenges. 


I call it the C-B-A Method to Happiness.


You might have heard the statement,


"All things first start in the human mind"


I have also observed that for a person to heal from whatever health or life challenge they are facing, whether its emotional, mental or physical, there are really 3 Core Steps.


C - 'Cause'


If I tell you that you are capable of climbing Mount Everest in one week even if you have never climbed a mountain ever, what thought comes to your mind?


It could be something like;


"I cannot because that's too difficult"


"I cannot because you need professional training for it"


"This guy must be joking because it's not that easy"


So this word 'cause' is the first thing that you need to identify if you are determined that you want to get better in whatever challenge you are facing.


STEP # 1


And how do you do that?


By being more aware of the conversations that are going in your head.


Imagine you have installed a bugging device in your mind and you are sitting in a white Van eves-dropping on all the conversations that are going in!!


STEP # 2


Instead of accepting every thing that your mind says, as true, observing your mind as a machine which spits out stuff in the form of thoughts all the time.


As you identify these 'cause' statements, you need to ask yourself;


"Is this statement True?"


And if the answer is No which in most cases will be, you know that this is just a story that you have accepted to be True but its not, 'True'.


The most effective way of finding out whether a statement that your mind generates is true or not is ask this;


"Has any one else on this planet done this?"


And if you get a 'Yes, But' , like "yes but he was in a better physical shape", you should know that this 'cause' statement is Not True.


B - Blocks


Once you identify the 'cause' statements and work on not believing the ones that you have identified as untrue, you will feel that you will start to make progress in all areas of life.


However, you would also notice that there are certain areas where, no matter how hard you try, you do not get ahead.


You do not get any results.


This means that there are certain 'Blocks' in your sub-conscious that are preventing you from getting results.


Since Effort is a Conscious thing and 'Blocks' sit at the sub-conscious level, you need some kind of technique to remove them.


These include many of the modalities that talk about the mind like hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Energy and Emotional Healing.


You can either learn these yourself.


Or you can work with a professional who can help you remove those blocks.


A - Activate


Nature/Creator has created an automatic healing mechanism in our body.


But that mechanism often does not work because most of the time, we are in the state of stress.


While stressed, mind takes away resources which are needed by the organs to heal.


Since it needs to allocate every thing to deal with Fight or Flight response.


As we clear the 'cause' statements and remove 'blocks' from the sub-conscious mind, the stuff

which was preventing body from activating its natural healing mechanism is gone.


And without any conscious effort on our part, we can start to heal and your life will start to get better.



The C-B-A methodology of healing is what I experienced when I healed myself naturally without surgery or medicines in 6 months.


If it's possible for me, it's possible for you too.


Write back to me and tell me what health challenge are you facing?


Tell me how you plan to use this C-B-A methodology?


Comment below..


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