More Teenagers and Young Adults Die from Suicide than from Cancer, Heart disease, AIDS and other such diseases COMBINED!

WOULD YOU like to see Your Child be Less Aggressive, More Relaxed, Happier, having a Loving Attitude and Progressing Well in Life?  

DO YOU feel his or her Behavior Issues are getting worse?


DO YOU dream of a day free of Arguments, Drama, Yelling and Shouting?


DO YOU wonder how some kids are so Calm and Composed?


It's NEVER too late to Help a Child. No Child is ever a 'Lost Case'

Factors that may contribute to teen suicide include:

  • Divorce of parents.

  • Violence in the home.

  • Inability to find success at school.

  • Feelings of worthlessness.

  • Rejection by friends or peers.

  • Substance abuse.

  • Death of someone close to the teenager.

  • The suicide of a friend or someone he or she “knows” online.


Kids start developing Behavior Issues to show us, the parents, that They Need Help.

My experience shows that situations similar to the above result in Emotional Baggage for our kids.

While they may not be Full Sized Grown Adults, they still have the capability to Absorb Emotions resulting from these and other circumstances. 

"Zeeshan, I wanted to update you about some of the noticeable changes in my son. He has gained so much more confidence, his academics have improved and he has become so much more expressive. That I always wanted him to be.... Thank you so much."

Z. R. Dubai, UAE

Problems like; 

  • Mood Swings,

  • Aggression,

  • Expressing Hate towards parents,

  • Over-reaction (extreme reaction to smallest of things)

  • Arguing,

  • Lying,

  • Bad Attitude,

  • Academic Problems,

  • Decresed Communication (Not talking)

  • Indecisiveness

  • Lack of attention, 

  • Stubbornness, 

  • Shyness, 

  • Absence of initiative or interest, 

  • Poor Social skills,

  • Anxiety etc.

can often be linked to Deep Seeded Unresolved Emotional Baggage


Our Kids are Asking Us to Help them deal with this Emotional Baggage that they are lugging around with. 

Such baggage was created by them at their Sub-Conscious level as a result of different life situations that Mom or/and Dad or they themselves were dealing with.
Relieving them from this Emotional Baggage helps make conditions right for their bodies to heal and get back to Normal, their Normal!

Emotional baggage is very Real, and although it might be invisible, it can easily disrupt their Happiness, their  Health and their Life.

It's like Lugging Around a 'Suitcase' from Every Difficult Event they've seen or gone through; Eventually the Load Gets Too Heavy not to notice.

I call each "suitcase" a Trapped Emotion, created, during an Emotional Event, that then got Stuck in their Body somewhere.

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I identify the Underlying Causes and therefore Relieve Your Child of this Heavy Baggage that's Making Life Harder for him/her.

I identify and literally Release Trapped emotions - which are Harmful Emotional Energies from Negative Past Events.
Children of All Ages have Benefited Exceptionally from this!

"I can't thank you enough, my son has been very happy and I notice been taking pride in his work. He has more friends then I thought. A totally New him.. I'm blessed to have come across U ..thank u from the bottom of my heart"

N. A. Mississauga, Canada

About Zeeshan

Zeeshan is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, father of two beautiful daughters and husband to a lovely wife. 


Zeeshan has helped transform lives of many children across the Globe. He loves receiving emails from parents when they notice major positive changes in their children.