How Do I Do This??

If you have read some ot the testimonials from my clients, you might be wondering how do I get such results. This page would give you a better idea about my methodology.

Who am I?

My name is Zeeshan Raza. I am a Certitifed Emotion Code Practitioner, a Best Selling author of a book called 'U Turn Your Life', an international public speaker, a Chartered accountant with 15 years experience in the corporate world, a father of 2 beautiful daughters and a lovely and supporting wife :)

What are Trapped Emotions?

As life goes on, we face different challenges. When we are growing up, we might have seen our parents arguing over money, about family drama, over grand parents, about their own romance etc. As we grew older, we might have had to deal with death of a loved one, faced an accident, dealt with a separation of a divorce, moved city or country or moved away from people we loved. We might have perceived all of our friends, getting jobs, getting married, being happier than us. We might have faced financial struggles, lost a job, lost money in a business, a business partner might have left us, or another financial distress might have run havoc in our lives.

Since the society expects us to just get back on our feet and move on, without paying any attention to the Emotional affects of such intense life events, we create and carry with us, an 'Emotional Baggage'

We continue to go on with our lives until this 'Emotional Baggage' or 'Trapped Emotions' becomes too heavy for our body carry.

Trapped emotions can block people from Love and Happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause Acute Pain and mental or physical health challenges .

My Method

Using the training provided by Dr. Brad Nelson during my Emotion Code Certification, I identify the Trapped Emotions and other factors which are the root cause of challenges my client is facing.

While I started my practice with Emotion Code only, I have since then worked with several senior healers and learned many other methods too.

Using a combination of all my knowledge so far which I keep increasing, I identify the underlying factors causing my client's mental, emotional or physical challenges. 

Once identified, I then release them using several techniques.

Once these are removed, body's natural healing mechanism takes over. 

Do I guarantee results

No. We all are different unique human beings. We all react to and deal with Healing energy differently.

As you can see from the testimonials, most of my clients get results from my healing sessions, it still depends on the client as much as on me. It's a team effort and when both players work together, ONLY then, you see results.

When you decide to work with me as a client, healing sessions is not the only thing that you get.


I provide support on a daily basis via whatsapp. I regularly guide my clients on the challenges they are facing.

I also teach my clients certain techniques that are best suited to their situation and that they can start using right away.

My goal is to give 100% relief from the problem they are facing. 

I have seen that when clients are open to the possibility of getting better, they see better results.

Most of my clients have seen changes after 3 sessions, however, this does not guarantee that every one will benefit from this modality in the same way.

Can this work harm anyone?

I work with healing people.

I use Energy combined with the power of Emotions to heal.

Just like, light cannot be used to bring darkness into a room, this work can not be used to hurt any one in any way.

How long does it take to see results?

Since we all are different, and we have gone through different life's circumstances, results for clients vary too.

It also depends on how open we are to the possibility of being healed using Alternative Healing Methods.

Based simply on my experience with the past clients, they start to notice changes in the first 3 weeks of the sessions.

Do Emotions really have power to heal?

I conducted an interesting experiment to answer this question.

In the following video, I move iron hangers only with my Positive and Negative Emotions. Do Watch it

Is there any science behind this work?

If you are looking for some scientific studies, check out the following links;

How do I get more information?

I can be contacted any time between 9 AM Eastern Time to 10 PM Eastern Time.

I am available on;

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