LazyMan's Healing

Learn How to Quickly and Easily Heal Yourself Even if You Are Completely New to Alternative Healing.


LEARN THE TECHNIQUES THAT WILL TAKE YOU FROM JUMPING ON trends to long lasting natural healing

Healing simply means activating your body's

natural healing mechanisms.

Everyone has the power within them to heal,

now you can learn how to activate your super power.

I've come up with a simple step by step process called

Lazy Man's Healing.


In this training you're going to  learn to connect with yourself, you're going to learn how to heal yourself, naturally without doing any yoga, meditation and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to give up that life-long medication too.

This program and my method has helped hundreds of people all over the world. I know it can help you too!

MEDITATION is GREAT, CINNAMON AND LEMON ARE AWESOME, HEALING modalities are brilliant but they aren't enough to heal yourself or others.

There is a process you can learn that fills in the gaps so you get reliable and repeatable results whether you are ...​

 trying to heal yourself or others from health related challenges 

 trying to figure out what makes you sick

 working on preventing your mind from churning out negative thoughts all the time

 attempting to stick to a healthy diet

 managing your weight and getting rid of those extra pounds

 looking to get over your habit of procrastination and laziness

 learning to manage your emotions of anger and frustration during stressful situations

 finding inner peace and happiness

 looking for ways to get rid of childhood memories that keep you awake at night

 struggling with low energy levels 

 working out a plan to get out of money related problems

 wanting to know how to have stronger relationships

and these are just some of the example but there are so many more.



Hi I'm Zeeshan Raza.


A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I was told by my doctors that my only option was surgery and life long dependency on medicines.


By the grace of the Creator, I discovered a way that helped me to heal naturally and as a result I never went for the surgery and I don't take any medications.


​I have since developed this method extensively and have helped people all over the world get rid of their most painful problems.

I made a decision when I was told that there was no other way, to find another way, and I did.

Today, I want to offer you the same opportunity for change and betterment in your life.


   "My gum had inflamed around my wisdom tooth, i was told that if the condition persists for more than a week, I would have to get wisdom tooth surgery done. I had severe pain and i was surviving on advils. As Zeeshan did his healing sessions, i noticed significant reduction in pain... And then the swelling started to reduce on its own. In 3 days pain and swelling went away as if they were never there. No more meds and no more pain! Thank you for your help!"

Brain Fluid Vanished

"Because of a recent fall, I had been feeling dizzy and doctors had told me that I had fluid in my head. Zeeshan did a few sessions for me.  I got my results for my MRI and the fluid in my head is gone!!"


"After only 2 sessions, the changes I feel are incredible! In one week, I did more than in a whole year! My energy level and confidence have increased significantly. Thank you, Raza for these wonderful changes!"

module 1



In this Module we will cover :

 We have all heard about people healing themselves but is it even possible?

 How quantum physics connects the world that we see with the world that we don't?

 Practical hands-on experiment to prove that YOU too can influence your health and your surroundings.

 Understanding universal consciousness and its immense power that's available to you?

 A divine connection method that will allow YOU to tune into a universal mind and get answers.

 How to ask the right questions that can help YOU heal faster.


 Your own UNIQUE score card that shows you why your results are non existent or inconsistent.

 A master's practice tool that will instantly sharpen your connection to the universal mind.

module 2



In this Module we will cover :

 Why conscious effort of 'trying to make it happen' is just not enough and why do we fail?

 7 KEY factors that sabotage most of our efforts at healing and how to release them.

 Secrets of distant healing ~ Your ability to positively influence health of people anywhere in the world easily and effortlessly.

 What ONE thing you MUST do before attempting any type of alternative healing.


 A checklist of mistakes to avoid when healing that once caused me to lose my own ability to heal.

 A done for you chart that integrates knowledge from the world of psychology and behaviours in your own healing practice.

 A step by step process on how to create your own unique tools to get better faster results.

module 3



In this Module we will cover :

 Take the knowledge that we have learned in the first 2 modules and apply it.

We will do One FULL healing session together.

 I will take you step by step and show you exactly what to do when.

 We will take 3 health challenges from the class, from students like YOU and then work on each one of those challenges - LIVE.

I will teach ONE HACK that can drastically reduce the time you spend in a session.


 A done for you questionnaire to be filled in before you start a session. This will help you get to the root cause right away.

 A checklist of things to look for out for that can derail your healing session.

 My own copy and paste disclosure and confidentiality disclaimer that you can use when doing sessions for someone else.

module 4



The last 3 modules have been interactive, we've broken down barriers and created new healthy habits.


In this module we have Q&A's from the live class and you can ask me any questions you may have and get a good handle on understanding how you can use your new healing super powers in your day to day life.


What the students  are saying

well worth it!

"My decision to join the training was based on a fact well known now, that we all carry a huge emotional baggage burden that adds up stress in the life. I strongly believe that this training will empower me to overcome aforementioned challenges and attract the abundant life we were all destined to have. Why Zeeshan? I see him as someone who is out to help others, also someone committed to help throughout the process. Last but not the least...the investment is affordable and worth it!"

you will definitely find success

"I chose to register for this program because I have personally experienced how effective this approach of healing is. It has helped me to understand myself and the root of problems I was encountering which enabled me to solve so many of them. You will feel strength in yourselves, a pumped willpower, a more positive mindset, and will definitely find success in your endeavours."

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I really want this program to have a positive impact on your life, and for you to fully experience what's possible with the power of natural healing. So I'm offering you a chance. You have the opportunity to use the program for 30 days and if you decide for any reason it's not for you. I'll give you a complete refund.


Just send me an email within 30 days of your purchase to with proof of payment and I will return ALL of your money back.


No questions asked. No hard feelings. So there it is my 30 day money back guarantee. I've removed all the barriers for you, there's nothing to lose. So go ahead and give yourself the gift of healing today.

Frequently asked questions

I'm really busy and I really don’t have that much time. Can I do it at my own pace?

Absolutely all 4 modules are on demand, the course is designed to break down 1 module per week, so it gives you plenty of time to watch it over and over again.

Practice the easy methods and lessons in your day to day life and come back to the next module when you're ready.
You may even want to come back and use it as a refresher course in the future. It's all there in your student portal waiting for you, whenever you want.

I'm not sure if now is the right time to take a course like this.

There's a statement which I often repeat to my kids. Tomorrow never comes. And they argue with me, but dad it did :) A few years ago when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and was told that surgery was the only option, had I told myself 'let’s wait for a while', I might have literally died…. Instead, I decided to find another way and by the blessings of our Creator, I did find it. If you decide to wait, you might continue to wait for months, years or even your lifetime.
If you want results NOW, if you're looking for that catalyst to help you make the shifts in your mind and energy then THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU. Don't make yourself a lesser priority anymore, take action.

I'm not sure if I can afford this right now.

If this is a matter of putting food on the table or paying this month’s rent, I agree, this is not the time for you. But if it is a matter of money you didn’t plan on spending right now, let me ask you this. If today your TV broke down would you not go out and get a new one? Or if your car stopped working in the middle of the Highway, would you not get it fixed immediately? We're talking about YOUR health, finances and relationships here. Are they not more important than your car or TV? If you can spend hundreds of dollars to buy a brand new TV or get your car fixed, what's stopping you from buying a program that can literally change your life. I want to help you gain freedom, and success in your life, so I'm giving you a 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t find the program worth it within 30 days of your investment, just email me at and I will refund all your money, no questions asked! I sincerely want to help you get out of the struggle that you're facing right now and I know my program will help you. Give it a chance. It’s time to put yourself ahead of your TV and your Car...because you are worth it!

I have tried other healing methods before but they have not given me results.

Just like you, I have been to various healers and have worked on using different techniques. What I am about to teach you in ‘Lazy Man’s Healing’ is the cream of it all. This is the method I have developed after going through trial and error for many years, and it's gotten great reviews and success for my clients too. Some of the tools that I am giving you in this program are: 7 KEY factors that sabotage most of our efforts at healing and how to release them. What ONE thing you MUST do before attempting any type of alternative healing. A full one hour session where you will see exactly how I conduct a healing session. I'll be teaching you specific ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ of Healing under this program.

How do I know this will work for me?

Imagine a child who is just learning to walk. He falls and gets up again. Falls again and gets up. This goes on for a few minutes and then he turns around and says, “I give up” Has this Ever Happened? Nope. Because a child doesn’t know those words, “I will not learn this”. He doesn’t have this programming that, “If it hasn’t worked before, it’s not going to work again” It only knows to try. I was listening to a teacher and she said something which blew my mind. She said as we are continuously working on ourselves, removing old patterns and beliefs, we have to keep trying to do things that we have failed at before. And here is why…. As we clear old negative emotions, energies, beliefs, we rise to a higher level. We are then operating from a different frequency a different perspective. And so something that didn’t work before can actually work now.

I feel overwhelmed that there will be so much to learn.

I have kept the name of this program, ‘Lazy Man’s Healing’ for a reason :) I believe 100% in simplicity. I have gone through trainings in some other modalities and I do agree they feel overwhelming. I can assure you that this training will teach you all the fundamentals and you will fill only a few pages of your notebook. Plus, I am going to conduct a full Healing Session in front of the entire class where you will see exactly how I use this method to help people heal.

If it is so easy, why not everyone else does it?

As I mentioned, this is my own unique method that I have developed. I have helped clients all over the world using this method. And only the people I have trained and taught know it. So yes, it is simple and easy to follow. But since this is not common knowledge, not many people are aware of it.

I would like to know more about you Mr. Zeeshan before I sign up

If we have not connected already, please do! I have a FREE Private Facebook Community where I am often active. You can JOIN that group here. > I am also the author of an Amazon Best Seller called U Turn Your Life. You can check it out here. > Healing is something very close to my heart since I was able to heal myself without any surgery or medicines just a few years ago and it's been my passion ever since to help as many people as I possibly can. I would love to work with you too and help you to achieve the healing that you need!


   "From the get go, I started noticing results. First it was an unexpected trip that came out of nowhere. When I came back, I received an unexpected cheque as a bonus from my employer. I used Zeeshan's techniques on a daily basis and started noticing things around me changing as well. As I am writing this email, I have just been offered a promotion and its been only a few weeks since I completed the Prosperity Package."

Pain vanished

"Thank you, Zeeshan! My shoulder pain went. I had a cortisone shot not long ago, but the pain was starting to creep back in and now it is gone!"

son gains confidence

"I cant thank you enough, my son has been very happy and I notice he's been taking pride in his work. We had open house at school and it seemed his teacher has nothing but love and admiration for him. He has more friends then I though, a totally new him.. I'm blessed to have come across u and your  sessions..thank u from the bottom of my heart"

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