We live in a world where we are taught to fear EVERY THING!


These fears prevent us from living our lives to the fullest

While the world tells us to be scared on October 31st, we invite you to be Fearless on this very day!

Whether it is a -

  • Fear of spiders and other arachnids (Arachnophobia)

  • Fear of snakes (Ophidiophobia)

  • Fear of heights (Acrophobia)

  • Fear of flying (Aerophobia)

  • Fear of dogs, cats, germs, bees or other living things

  • Fear of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia)

  • Fear of germs and dirt (Mysophobia)

  • Fear of social situations (Social phobia)

  • Fear of intimacy

  • Fear of contracting a life threatening disease

  • Fear of loud sounds or voices

  • Fear of Driving

  • Fear of Failing at your new business venture

  • Fear of Speaking in front of Public Speaking

  • Fear of making important decisions about your life and thus standing still 

  • Other types of fears

"After many attempts at Driving Test, I had lost hopes of ever being able to get a Driving License. After Zeeshan and Huma's sessions, I passed the test in the very next attempt. Their stuff works!"


For almost all fears, the root cause lies in your subconscious mind.



A girl who is just 5 years old sees her mom jumps on top of a table when she sees a cockroach. 

Since children’s brains are like sponges, this girl may record this behavior as the right behavior whenever she sees a cockroach herself.

And thus she will also jump on top of a table or anything higher whenever she has an encounter with a cockroach regardless of how old she gets.


She behaves this way since it is has been programmed in her sub-conscious mind  based on what she observed when she was just 5. And this cannot be changed using her will power!!

However, there is good news.

Not only is it possible to re-program your mind, but it can be done by methods which require no surgery or medicines!

Zeeshan Raza a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Huma Haider Certified Hypnotist (C.H) and a Certified Pediatric Hypnotist bring you;


A program whereby they help you re-program your sub-conscious mind so you can finally Live your life Free of Fears.

Imagine a life where you have nothing to be scared of.

Can you imagine what will you do in your life when there is no fear?

Have you even considered that it is possible to live life freely? 

Registration for this program ends October 31, 2018


Zeeshan Raza at +1 416 858 4788


Huma Haider at +1 647 869 7800

"I had been asked to perform with a world famous comedian in front of about 1,500 people. I was stressed and didn't know if I will be able to perform. Zeeshan and Huma helped me overcome my fears. I delivered even better than what I had expected"


Registration for this program ends October 31, 2018


Zeeshan Raza at +1 416 858 4788


Huma Haider at +1 647 869 7800



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