Emotions and us Men!

Just about everyone has some amount of Emotional baggage from painful life events, right? Emotional baggage is very Real, and although it's invisible it can easily disrupt your Happiness, your Success and your Health.  It's like lugging around a suitcase from every difficult event you've gone through; eventually the load gets too Heavy not to notice. I call each "suitcase" a Trapped Emotion; a bit of emotional energy that was created, by you, during an emotional event, that then got Stuck in your Body somewhere..

There is a good possibility, that trapped Emotional Energy is preventing you from performing in bed the way you want to.

After helping people with issues like back pain, neck pain, weight loss, anxiety etc., (see below) I have now decided to help men with Erectile Dysfunction.


"Thank you, Zeeshan! My shoulder pain went from a 3 to a 0. I had a cortisone shot not long ago, but the pain was starting to creep back in and now it is gone!"


"Hi Zeeshan, I noticed I've had a strong desire to exercise by taking long walks.  I've walked 4 consecutive days.  Which I haven't done regularly in over a year. Thank you for all your help"

The Emotion Code

I use a technique called The Emotion Code. It is an Energy Healing Technique that helps me to identify and literally Release trapped emotions- which are Harmful Emotional Energies from negative past events.


Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause many issues including Erectile Dysfunction.


Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal - so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.

"After only 2 sessions, the changes I feel are incredible! In one week, I did more than in a whole year! My energy level and confidence have increased significantly. Thank you, Raza for these wonderful changes!"

What's the catch?

If you have scrolled down this far, you might be wondering why are these sessions FREE? This FREE offer is only for limited time during the launch period and I can only handle so many clients at a time.


In this launch, I have space for only 5 people to work with. Once I have received 5 applications, I am not sure when I will relaunch the FREE program.

I will work with these 5 people for a period of about 8 weeks.

It's 8 weeks or  we end the sessions earlier when you are getting the results you wanted.

If I am working with you during this launch, you will not pay me any money!


Once you have submitted the form, I will review it. If I decide to work with you, I will be in touch via E-mail.

Emotion Code is an Energy healing technique. This means I can release your trapped emotions using the medium of energy.

You are not required to be present either physically or via Video call etc..

Once I have done a session for you, I will send you a report which would look something like this;

During this promotional period, this service is free for the 5 applicants.