Change your vibe, change your life 

30 Days To Transformation


It is possible for You to Eliminate Your Blocks and Finally move forward creating the Life of Your Dreams.  

Whether you feel you have no idea of where your life is going, or you lack clarity on what to do next or you are simply tired of the way things are, within You lies the Immense Power House for a Transformation.

In this training I am going to hand hold you Every Single Day for the next 30 Days. 


You're going to learn how to start the cycle of positive changes by yourself using the skills that you Already Have!

This program and my method has helped hundreds of people all over the world. I know it can help you too!

MEDITATION is GREAT, Gratitude journal is  AWESOME, affirmations are brilliant but they aren't enough to bring the shift that you are looking for.

There is a process you can learn that fills in the gaps so you get reliable and repeatable results whether you ...​

 feel that you are the only one whose life sucks 

 feel jealous of others who seem to have the perfect life

 are always positive but that positivity is not bringing you dollars

 have tried different modalities to help with your subconscious mind without any success to talk about

 do daily mantras every hour of the day feeling they are just a bunch of lies

 do meditations and visualizations with strong feelings but you think its all day dreaming

 have gone through course after course with world famous gurus who are living your dream life

 are in a relationship with a negative person who seems to be the cause of all of your failures

 are dealing with a health challenge that even no healer can't seem to be able to heal

The great thing about what I will share with you is that it is a process. And like any process, when you Do the work, You can expect to see results.



Hi I'm Zeeshan Raza.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I was told by my doctors that my only option was surgery and life long dependency on medicines.


By the grace of the Creator, I discovered a way that helped me to heal naturally and as a result I never went for the surgery and I don't take any medications.


When I discovered the process that had helped me heal naturally, I realized that I wanted more joy and happiness in my life.

I quite my 6 figure job in a large corporation to create a life by my own design.

Today, I want to offer you the same opportunity for transformation in your life.

I want to invite you to Join Me on a Journey for 30 days

change your vibe,

change your life

30 days to transformation

When you are supported by positive uplifting people every single day, your results start to shift.

what do you get in change your vibe, change your life

guiding you every day for 30 days


I am 100% committed for You.   

 I will share one Powerful Technique Every Day for 30 Days that will help you raise your vibration no matter what's happening around you

 Each video has actionable content that you can apply immediately as soon as you finish the video

What will You learn and Apply

 How to discover the opportunities that are hiding right now

 One Word that is creating most of the blockages in your life

 How to deal with negative toxic people (especially if they are your family members! )

  • Why Affirmations feel like lies and how to make them work

  • Why hard work hasn't given you results so far

  • The big missing piece in visualization discussion 

  • How to find solution to any problem in 15 minutes

  • Why goal setting creates depression and how to avoid it

  • The fastest way to bring happiness and joy in your day

  • How to complain - the Right way 

weekly group support calls


Have you ever invested in a program only to find that no one was there to support you or answer your questions?  

When I say I am 100% committed for you, I mean it!

Every Wednesday, I jump on a video call with every one who is taking this 30 day journey. 

What do I cover on these calls?

  • Answer your specific questions in terms of any challenges that you are facing in implementing the training

  • Support you if you have a challenge show up in your life whether it be work or career related, relationship issue or anything else where you can benefit from support of positive high energy people

  • Guide you on how to maximize your specific results

  • Give you tips that can give you results even faster

whatsapp support group (OPTIONAL)

Facebook Not Your Thing?

What if you are working on something during the day and need some clarification.?

As a student of Change Your Vibe, Change Your Life, you will be placed in an optional Whatsapp group.

I say optional because you don't have to join this group.. I only add you with your permission. 

With this support group, you will NEVER feel alone no matter who is in your surrounding or where you are.

certificate of completion

As you complete this 30 day journey with me and other students, you will be invited to join me, my family and other students from the group to my home here in Mississauga.

We will get the chance to learn from each other, connect with the group and do some exercises in person.

Each student will awarded a Certificate of Completion.


The purpose of this entire program is to raise your vibration every single day so you can attract those things in your life that make you happier.


I have received tremendous appreciation for this gathering. Students have created new network of positive open minded friends. 

The power of this sort of group is priceless.

join me today on a 30 day journey, let me help you get unstuck and start living the life that you design




 change your vibe, change your life

30 Daily Videos

$997 value

4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

$997 value

$497 value

30 Days Whatsapp Group Support

$2,491 value




What are students  saying

well worth it!

" Why Zeeshan? I see him as someone who is out to help others, also someone committed to help throughout the process. Last but not the least...the investment is affordable and worth it!"


   "From the get go, I started noticing results. First it was an unexpected trip that came out of nowhere. When I came back, I received an unexpected cheque as a bonus from my employer. I used Zeeshan's techniques on a daily basis and started noticing things around me changing as well. As I am writing this email, I have just been offered a promotion and its been only a few weeks "

You just need to use the tools

 Zeeshan has shown me that change and a better life full of joy is possible; you just need to use the tools he provides. If you have been waiting to change your life and want to work with someone who is more concerned about making your life better; than I would recommend you reach out to Zeeshan as he will guide you to the best version of yourself and your life.

Frequently asked questions

I'm really busy and I really don’t have that much time. Can I do it at my own pace?

Absolutely. While the videos are not that long, you can definitely review them as and when you get time. One video will be made available to you every day for the next 30 days.

Practice the easy methods and lessons in your day to day life and come back to the next video when you're ready.
You may even want to come back and use it as a refresher course in the future. It's all there in your student portal waiting for you, whenever you want.

I'm not sure if now is the right time to take a course like this.

There's a statement which I often repeat to my kids. Tomorrow never comes. And they argue with me, but dad it did :) A few years ago when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and was told that surgery was the only option, had I told myself 'let’s wait for a while', I might have literally died…. Instead, I decided to find another way and by the blessings of our Creator, I did find it. If you decide to wait, you might continue to wait for months, years or even your lifetime.
If you want results NOW, if you're looking for that catalyst to help you make the shifts in your mind and energy then THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU. Don't make yourself a lesser priority anymore, take action.

I'm not sure if I can afford this right now.

If this is a matter of putting food on the table or paying this month’s rent, I agree, this is not the time for you. But if it is a matter of money you didn’t plan on spending right now, let me ask you this. If today your TV broke down would you not go out and get a new one? Or if your car stopped working in the middle of the Highway, would you not get it fixed immediately? We're talking about YOUR health, finances and relationships here. Are they not more important than your car or TV? If you can spend hundreds of dollars to buy a brand new TV or get your car fixed, what's stopping you from buying a program that can literally change your life. I want to help you gain freedom, and success in your life, so I'm giving you a 100% 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t find the program worth it within 30 days of your investment, just email me at and I will refund all your money, no questions asked! I sincerely want to help you get out of the struggle that you're facing right now and I know my program will help you. Give it a chance. It’s time to put yourself ahead of your TV and your Car...because you are worth it!

I have tried other programs before but they have not given me results.

Just like you, I have invested thousands of dollars in various programs. What I am about to teach you in the next 30 days is the method I have developed after going through trial and error for many years, and it's gotten great reviews and success for my clients too. The other great thing about this program is that you are not just given login and password and left on your own. I am with you in person every step of the way. I am on whatsapp and in facebook group if you need any help. I am on the weekly coaching call for the next 4 weeks. You will have access to a lot of support and guidance. I will make sure that you get all the help that you might need.

How do I know this will work for me?

Imagine a child who is just learning to walk. He falls and gets up again. Falls again and gets up. This goes on for a few minutes and then he turns around and says, “I give up” Has this Ever Happened? Nope. Because a child doesn’t know those words, “I will not learn this”. He doesn’t have this programming that, “If it hasn’t worked before, it’s not going to work again” It only knows to try. I was listening to a teacher and she said something which blew my mind. She said as we are continuously working on ourselves, removing old patterns and beliefs, we have to keep trying to do things that we have failed at before. And here is why…. As we work in increasing our energy levels, we are then operating from a different frequency and even a different perspective. And so something that didn’t work before can actually work now.

I feel overwhelmed that there will be so much to learn.

I have kept this program really simple. One short video every day. I believe 100% in simplicity. I have gone through other trainings and I do agree they feel overwhelming. I can assure you that this training will teach you all the fundamentals and you will fill only a few pages of your notebook. Plus, I am going to conduct a group coaching call with you every week to support you and get rid of any overwhelm.

If it is so easy, why not everyone else does it?

As I mentioned, this is my own unique method that I have developed. I have helped clients all over the world using this method. And only the people I have trained and taught know it. So yes, it is simple and easy to follow. But since this is not common knowledge, not many people are aware of it.

I would like to know more about you Mr. Zeeshan before I sign up

If we have not connected already, please do! I have a FREE Private Facebook Community where I am often active. You can JOIN that group here. > I am also the author of an Amazon Best Seller called U Turn Your Life. You can check it out here. > Life transformation is something very close to my heart since I was able to heal myself without any surgery or medicines just a few years ago and it's been my passion ever since to help as many people as I possibly can. I would love to work with you too and help you to achieve the goals that you desire.

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